Welcome To PVH Visuals

Welcome to PVH Visuals

PVH Visuals is a creative visual production agency based in Lovenjoel, Belgium (Europe).
We deliver creative visuals eye candy for events, brands, festivals & nightlife around the world.
With years of experience in the industry we have worked with some of the biggest names in live events. 


Creative Director

PVH Visuals delivers elegant and stylish direction for many visual purposes.

Visuals / VJ

PVH Visuals creates and delivers amazing eye candy and visual shows for events, brands, festivals & nightlife.

Projection Mapping

PVH Visuals turns any object imaginable into a display surface. No matter how constricted or massive the space, we’ll fill it with walls made of visual eye candy.

Impressions of our Work

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PVH Visuals loves to get in touch with you. So don't hesitate to talk with us.

PVH Visuals
Belgium (Europe)
+0032 (0)495 20 38 32